Subway ad with motion detection

Stockholm based agency Akestam Holst perfectly executes a clever advertising concept to introduce a new line of hair products. The digital ad placed on a subway platform is equipped with a sensor to monitor a train's arrival. As the train comes into the station, a...

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What the font?

Need to identify a font or match a logotype? Tired of searching through type specimen directories online trying to match your font? Type foundry My Fonts has a handy application on their website to solve this problem. Just upload an image of the type you are trying to...

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The last stop

The quirky charm of the open road comes through in this coffee table book designed by Pentagram.  The oversized book features photos by Ryan Ford of rest areas and roadside attractions across America. The image of the faux teepees on the cover of the book was taken in...

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Lego wall calendar

OK. Admit it. You are a fully grown adult and still want to play with legos? London based Vitamins Design has developed a group calender system using legos that syncs with their Google calendar online.

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