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Beautiful Design

We design beautiful websites that reflect your unique brand and message and help you connect with your audience.

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Purposeful Strategy

We take the time to understand your business’ strengths, goals and challenges and create a design strategy that fits.

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Results Oriented

Because your website needs to work 24/7 to build trust, generate quality leads, and help to grow your business.

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Design of an advocacy page for Seventh Generation
Design of a responsive website for Poze Catering and identity materials design
Design of a responsive website for a timber harvester
Design of a store locator for Seventh Generation
Design of a flexible marketing landing page for Seventh Generation

Recent Projects

Recent projects include:
website redesigns // full website design and build // website assessment and recommendations // brand strategy // consulting // interface design for a web application // user experience design // interaction design // an email marketing campaign // some print advertising // design of marketing landing pages // social media profile page branding // Google Adwords campaign management //

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Your website needs to not only look good – but also deliver results !

What’s the point of a beautiful website if it doesn’t help you grow your business? Our work fuses design, strategy and user experience to create websites that tell your brand story, inform, meet high-level business objectives, and help you cultivate and connect with your audience.

What does your website need?

There are all many reasons why business owners contact us for help with their website. Here are the most common scenarios.

Website Shame

Are you ashamed of your website? Is it outdated, old, ugly, generic, not mobile friendly,  not showing up in search engines or an embarrassment?

A new website that reflects your brand, communicates your strengths and delivers a positive user experience can really help the way others – and you – feel about your business.

I’d love to speak with you about it. Just get intouch.

My website feels generic

“My site is made with a WordPress theme- or is it Squarespace? – and it looks just like everyone elses.”

Um, not good. But this can be fixed. We offer brand and design strategy so even an out of the box template or theme can be customized to tell your business’ unique story.

 I’d love to speak with you about  it. Contact me and we can discuss it.

I love my website but....

“I love my website but I know it can be so much better than it is! I’m not sure what I need or where to start.”

I feel you. Often there are things we can do to improve the design, messaging, copy, images, functionality and site speed that will help enormously without having to do a full redesign. Contact me and we can schedule a site review.

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Herstudio is owned by Susy Mason, a web and UX designer and brand strategist. She has a passion for bringing clarity to business, simplifying the complex and making all things on the web beautiful and enjoyable to use.

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