Seventh Generation

Marketing landing page design

Flexible component driven marketing landing pages
This landing marketing page designed for Seventh Generation was tied into an overall Baby campaign with a purpose of raising product awareness. Users were driven here by clicking on paid advertising, banner ads or social posts.


Modular components

The landing pages for Seventh Generation are flexible and modular and consist of branded, campaign-driven stackable components. Brand managers choose the components that tell the best story for their campaign out of a ‘sandbox’ of choices including text/image lockups, call to actions, banner ads, video, Bazaar Voice customer reviews, media blocks, and lifestyle photography.

User Experience Design: Susy Mason
Digital Design: Susy Mason
Project Lead: Sarah Thompson
Strategy: Ashley LaPorte
Development: CoLab Cooperative

Internal navigation toggles between Diapers and Wipes and Baby Personal Care to allow users to explore the  full range of Seventh Generation’s baby products.
We took advantage of Curalate to make product rich lifestyle images shoppable. Lifestyle images help tell the brand story and Curalate provides another click into the consumer journey.


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