Seventh Generation

Store locator tool

Seventh Generation needed a mobile-first design for a store locator tool to help users find specific Seventh Generation products near them. The new locator provides a seamless responsive experience and incorporates permission-based geolocation.

User Experience Design: Susy Mason
Digital Design: Susy Mason
Project Lead: Sarah Thompson
Development: CoLab Cooperative

Pencil sketches and wireframing

Wireframing allows us to translate high-level business requirements into sketches to determine the most engaging interface for different content types, messaging, functionality, and goals. We start with pencil to quickly eliminate less desirable approaches and identify what works best. We then move to interactive wireframes to test drive the interface and get a better sense of the user journey.

Streamlined UX and increased efficiency

The solution provides a streamlined user experience that decreased the number of clicks, inputs and time it takes for a consumer to find Seventh Generation products by location. The new interface greatly simplifies searches for specific products, helping consumers more easily locate exactly what they are looking for. 

Integration with Google Maps helps with hands-free GPS navigation.


Herstudio is owned by Susy Mason, a web and UX designer and brand strategist. She has a passion for bringing clarity to business, simplifying the complex and making all things on the web beautiful and enjoyable to use.

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